Decision Team

Representative leaders from many sectors of the Rice County community make up the Decision Team. The Team is charged with managing the Coalition’s resources, both monetary and human. They are also responsible for strategic planning and decision making activities.
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Enforcement Team

Focused on keeping alcohol and other drugs out of the hands of Rice County youth, the Enforcement Team includes representatives from all law enforcement agencies in the county as well as representatives from the Rice County Attorney’s office, Rice County Community Corrections, and local schools. Team members participate in community education and prevention efforts as well as enforcement activities.
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Provider Team

The Provider Team’s work encompasses the continuum of care from alcohol and other drug use prevention to treatment and recovery. Comprised of drug and alcohol treatment professionals and healthcare providers, the Team has focused on assessment and treatment services; community information sharing; and supporting healthy living.
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Media Team

Local media outlet representatives serve as valuable advisors and support to the crucial communication work of the Coalition on the Media Team. Local cable access television stations, radio stations and print media provide communication channels to the community. They also contribute their knowledge and expertise to the Coalition’s communication efforts.
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Schools Team

Local public, private and charter schools participate in educating students about alcohol and other drug use and deliver important prevention initiatives. Their work includes curricular components, skills building and school connectedness. School efforts include both formal and informal programming as well as activities directed by youth and by adults.
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Northfield Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use

Formed in 2006 at the initiative of Northfield Mayor Lee Lansing. The Task Force seeks to raise community awareness about local youth substance use and to make recommendations for community interventions to reduce youth use.
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Rice County TZD Safe Roads Coalition

The mission of the Rice County TZD Safe Roads Coalition is to move Rice County toward zero deaths on our roads. Funded with a TZD (Toward Zero Deaths) Safe Roads grant, the coalition uses education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency services to increase the use of safety restraints and reduce the number of deaths on our county’s highways and roads.
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Faribault Community Action Team

Formed in 2010, the Faribault Community Action Team works to reduce alcohol and other drug use among Faribault youth. Using a variety of strategies, the group raises community awareness of issues around youth substance use, provides information to families and promotes healthy activities for youth.
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