Take It To The Box – Medication Disposal


*Rice County Sheriff’s Office now accepting no-longer-needed medications.*

What Is TITTB All About?

The Rice County community is serious about preventing medication misuse or abuse and environmentally unsafe medication disposal practices. “Take It To The Box” promotes the safe use, storage, and disposal of medication.

Faribault and Northfield police departments now provide medication disposal boxes. These “drop off” boxes accept over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, and pet medications from community members.


Disposal Box Locations

Faribault Police Department

25 4th St. NW

Faribault, MN 55021

Click here for map and directions

Open 24 hours everyday


Northfield Police Department

1615 Riverview Drive

Northfield, MN 55057

Click here for map and directions

Open 24 hours everyday


Rice County Sheriff’s Office
118 NW 3rd St.
Faribault, MN 55021
Click here for map and directions
Open 24 hours every day


Guidelines for Medication Use,

Storage, and Disposal


Safe Use

· Read and follow directions on all medications.

· Take the recommended dose…not more, not less.

· Take the medicine the number of times and the frequency recommended.

· Do not share your prescription medicines with another person.

· Do not take someone else’s prescription medicine.

· Know the names of your medications and their purpose.

· Pharmacists and doctors can answer your questions about over-the counter medicines…..just ask!


Safe Storage

· Keep medicines in a place away from children, teens and guests. Lock up medicines if necessary, especially narcotics or mood altering medicines.

· Keep medicines in their original bottle or package.

· Keep medicines in a cool, dry place away from the light.

· Follow storage directions on the medicine.


Safe Disposal

· Take old or unneeded medications or drugs to the medication disposal box at the Faribault or Northfield Police Department.

· Leave the medicine in its original package or bottle.

· Cross off your name or other personal information. Do not cross off the name of the medicine.

· Do NOT flush medications down the toilet

Information provided by:
The National Council on Patient Information and Education ConsumerMedSafety.org 


Medication Disposal and the Environment

United States Environmental Protection Agency


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency


For more information or to get involved in the Take It To The Box medication disposal
program, call 507-664-3524, 507-332-6111 or send a message to ricecountychc@gmail.com.


Interested persons are also welcome to contact the Coalition for additional training information:

In Northfield, contact the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative at 507-664-3524 or by email : zpruitt@carleton.edu

In Faribault, contact the Rice County Family Services Collaborative at 507-331-7836 ext. 214 or by email: ksandberg@ricecountychc.com

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